Alumoz is a creative, structured and innovative engineering organization, known for inspired and revolutionary manufacturing solutions in the field of aluminum extrusions. We have been manufacturing more than 300 products for multiple requirements in the extrusion segments and have in-depth knowledge about the Aluminum Extrusions solutions needed for different projects.

We have been delivering the extrusions to diverse industry segments including Aerospace, Defense, solar industries, automobile industries, as well as construction and infrastructure projects. We are determined, dedicated and focused to become the best solution for every requirement in the field of Aluminum Extrusions. We started the manufacturing of extrusions in the year 2020 at full capacity and are recognized for delivering the highest quality product at a competitive price. The customers further consider our product due to its sturdiness, firmness and sustainability. We maintain a good stock of the running products and are capable to customize the new solution as per the customer requirement. We also ensure the products are delivered in time to support the site works.

We ensure that our team follows the quality management system to reduce waste, prevent mistakes and deliver an economic value proposition. The quality checks are carried out at the end and beginning of every activity. We source the scrap material from within India and across the world. The raw material is 100% recycled material. We follow the best processes and processes as per the standard operating procedures (SOP). Our engineers frequently review the SOPs to ensure the processes are in line with the technology. We deployed experienced and qualified engineers to carry out the manufacturing processes. The team is well aware of the systems, processes and technology. We employ more than 250 people in our factory and train the team regularly with the help of professional trainers. The team is further trained to ensure that safety precautions are followed at the site.